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Rail transport

Your orders at the right time and the right place. That is always our goal. This is simple and fast on the rail network. It is easy for us to use this form of transport in view of the fact that our company has an exceptionally favourable location. We are at the only place in the Netherlands that is directly linked to the Dutch and German rail network. This is how your goods pass through the Netherlands and cross the border easily and rapidly. The packaging of the goods is irrelevant.

Both container transport and conventional wagons are used for rail transport. The daily train connection gives us the possibility to transport to and from Rotterdam rapidly and cheaply and to maintain a frequent link with all of Europe. The presence of the FTC, which is part of FVZ, gives us access to the largest European network of terminals and rail links.

Port of Rotterdam

The port of Rotterdam plays an important role. It offers us the possibility to function as your gateway to Europe. Goods with this destination and transported to other European countries are moved by seagoing vessels until the buyer receives the goods.

The port of Rotterdam is easily accessible for us. Every day, transporters leave our location and head towards Rotterdam, where they arrive two hours later. Transport via the port is possible either directly or on the basis of interim storage. As regards the interim storage, it is possible to use our storage space, which covers 70,000 m². We also offer the possibilities of assembly and Value Added Logistics.

When we transport your goods through the port of Rotterdam we take care of all of your concerns. We arrange all clearance.

It is also possible to transport your goods to and from the Cvd by train, barge or truck. They charge competitive rates in terms of warehousing in comparison with storage in Rotterdam.


Our large network gives us the luxury position of being able to serve you with a wide range of different transport techniques. One of these is shortsea. Using this manner of transportation enables us, in cooperation with our permanent partners, to deliver your goods to any location the world.

With shortsea, we make successful use of reliable permanent partners, regular services and departures. We also charge fixed, competitive rates that are agreed prior to use.

A great many connections have been added to our network over time. As our list of permanent partners grows we can offer you extremely competitive shortsea rates. In addition, our contacts use green transport, a sustainable development that is one of our highest priorities.

Our services in relation to shortsea currently cover the following countries:

–          Portugal

–          Finland

–          Norway

–          Sweden

–          United Kingdom

Picture Port of Rotterdam: Wikimedia Commons