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Logistic Solutions

As your logistics service provider it is our goal to take as many logistics concerns off your hands as possible. To perform this task we have various options. Naturally, these include road transportation, but this is just one of our many qualities. We make multimodal use of various transport options in order to transport your goods through the Netherlands, Europe or even overseas as far and efficiently as possible.

You place the control of your incoming and outgoing goods glows in our hands, and we then take every effort to meet your wishes in relation to transportation. The benefits for you are significant. With us you make considerable savings in terms of your supply chain costs. That applies to both the transportation and the warehousing in view of the fact that we can offer them under ideal conditions.

We are the only logistics service provider in the Netherlands that has the luxury of a direct connection to the Dutch and German rail network. We use fast rail links to transport your goods through the country or take them to the port of Rotterdam within two hours for container transport overseas. Logistics problems is a term that is not included in our dictionary. We ensure that a solution is always available.

There is also ample storage space. We offer bulk storage and operate spacious warehouses that can be adapted completely to your preferences. We also offer you the Value Added Logistics option, which enables us to rapidly execute extra tasks such as repackaging, assembly and labelling. Monitoring stocks by linking your management system to our? This is also possible with our state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System.

For us, good quality and service speaks for itself. We are proud of our ISO 9001 certificate, which we earned cum laude in March 2010. Our experienced and extremely motivated maintain our high status. Communication with our contacts is transparent due to working with a SPOC, a single-point-of-contact. This point of contact is thoroughly familiar with your wishes and interests, and this enables them to fulfil them perfectly. Your wish is our challenge, and we are convinced that we will fulfil it successfully.