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As an entrepreneur you are always searching for the best of the best. And rightly so. This is why we demand a high level of quality from our country. No wonder that our company received certification for our quality management system on 2 March 2010, which proves that we met all international standard regulations of ISO 9001. In September we were also HACCP and GMP certified.

Quality is a high priority in our company. In order to be able to guarantee you the correct quality we work with 100% motivated employees who provide their services in a structured and process-based manner. We hold internal and external quality meetings and carefully structure and manage current and pending projects.

We give problems or delays very little opportunity to develop. We make use of improvement teams that examine certain parts of our quality system and subsequently present improvements that increase the quality level. That our method of quality management has now been proven. There were many enthusiastic responses during our external quality audits.

As a client of Graaco you will be assigned a SPOC, a single-point-of-contact. A contact person who is thoroughly familiar with your wishes and interests.