Agro logistics

Agro logistics

At Graaco, we can bulk, pack, repack and blend your goods.

Our customers are major producers and traders in the Food & Feed industry.

Graaco offers an extensive range of packaging options for Food & Feed products or products intended for technical use. Graaco uses stainless steel screw conveyors to load big bags into silo wagons. To prevent any kind of contamination, loading takes place in specially designed enclosed spaces.

Graaco has two Food grade packaging lines for the packaging of big bags and bagged goods. Besides a hygiene monitor, the lines are equipped with a magnet, sieves, a metal detector and weight monitoring. Each packaged unit receives a unique code, which allows Graaco to track and trace your cargo. And of course our VAL activities are certified annually, both by certification agencies and our customers.

Graaco also offers blending services, where we mix various products according to our customers’ recipes.

These activities are often combined with transporting 20 and 40 ft containers to and from Rotterdam.

Coevorden has recently acquired the status of Agri-Bulk Port and GĂĽterVerkehrsZentrum. Graaco has joined forces with a large number of shipping companies. Graaco also takes care of matters such as the exemption of containers, customs clearance, phytosanitary inspections, gas monitoring, container stripping, restacking, sealing, wrapping, labelling, order picking, and shipping preparation

Graaco bulking and food packaging lines