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Graaco B.V.
De Mars 1

7742 PT Coevorden
POBox 159
7740 AD Coevorden
T: +31 524 594 444
F: +31 524 594 491

Welcome to Graaco B.V.

Your supply chain is our concern. We will take every possible effort to optimise it. Our core values are quality, reliability, speed and service.

Graaco is the right address for both outgoing and incoming goods flows. Transport by rail, on the road and on the sea, both within and outside Europe. The fees can be extremely competitive because Graaco has ideal points of departure for both transportation and warehousing.

Graaco B.V.

Graaco commenced operations as a logistics service provider in September 2009. We now possess a number of our own warehouses with various facilities, which allow us to handle your goods quickly and efficiently. Naturally, you want us to be careful and handle the environment and nature with respect. This is why sustainability is part of our company policy. Another worry less for you.

The shareholders in our company are Joop van der Graaf, Ubbo Hempenius, Jo Koop and Ben Blog. Combined, they have more than 155 years experience in this sector and at our site in Coevorden. It started for us in Coevorden in the nineteen eighties, and now we are back again. Determined and proud that we are once again giving Coevorden a national and international profile.


Our site contains all information on our company. Who we are, what we do and how we do it are just a mouse-click from here.

For more information, you can reach us using the contact information, or leave a message by means of the form on this site. We will contact you immediately.

Picture: Photo taken from the air